The believers among us….

Have you ever noticed that most motivational videos or articles focus mainly on adversity, pain, and the people who doubt you? While it is important to understand that these things will make and mold you it is also of great importance to remember the people that matter most, the believers. These are the people that when everyone else tells you that you cannot, look you in the eye and say “not only can you do this, but you must!” These are the ones who unknowingly play just important a role in your dream as you. And while it is easy to remember those who hurt us and tear us down, we must not forget those who believe in us and lift us up. This could be the wife who watches the kids so that you can focus in the office, the friend that aspires to be like you because you set an amazing example, the coworker that always wants to be around you because your aura is one of inspiration and awesomeness, and the list goes on and on. Do you have any believers in your life? Do you take the time to thank them, and to remind them just how thankful you are in having their support? Have you become so selfish in your pursuits that you have forgotten about the few who stood by you when everyone else turned their backs ?

When I decided to step away from corporate America and build my own mobile applications, my wife was more than supportive. We had never before made the kind of money that I was making and it seemed that the things most people would want were just within my grasp, but I was far from happy. Nervously I approached my wife and explained to her that I was bored with my environment and wanted to get out of the rat race and work on my own ideas. This meant that we would have to postpone some plans and that money would be tight for some time. I figured she would talk me out of leaving and tell me I was being ridiculous (like most of my friends and all of my colleagues). But she not only supported my decision, she encouraged me and told me that I was a genius and that anything I believed, I could achieve. One day while day dreaming about our future I remarked to my wife, “can you see the amazing opportunities that are headed our way?” She thought for a second and responded, “I honestly cannot see the future as you see it, but I do see you, and if you see it, then I know that it will happen.” When you have people like this on your side, how can you lose?

You must realize that the motivation you get when someone says you can, is just as good if not better than when someone says you can’t. Most people know that Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry with his Model T, but most probably don’t know how important a role his wife played in his success. His own nickname for her was “the believer.” Her support and belief in her husband was amazing and she believed greatly in his vision. She believed in his vision so much that during a Christmas party at their home, she left her family to go into the kitchen and assist Henry in starting an engine he had been building in the wooden shed behind the house. When the deed was done, she went back to her family and resumed the party. I highly doubt most wives would be so supportive. Nowadays the conversation would have went like this, “What do you mean help you crank an engine? Put that thing down and come spend time with the family.”

In 1957 Ross Perot – a key figure in the history of computer science – left IBM to start his own company Electronic Data Systems (EDS). It is important to understand that Perot was such an amazing salesman for IBM that he was making his yearly quota in only two weeks! I can imagine the many people that probably tried to convince him how crazy and impractical his decision was and that he would be foolishly giving up security and stability. I found it motivating and inspiring that after being refused seventy-seven times, Perot finally landed his first contract. But what was even more inspiring for me was that it was his wife who invested the firstĀ  one thousand dollars in getting his company started.

Loyal friends, and devoted loved ones wherever you may be, this article is devoted to you. It is because of your strength and belief that we are able to persist when the obstacles seem too great. When the storms of doubt and fear begin to toss our little ship of hope, your words calm the wind and still the waters. You are a refreshing glass of water on the hottest summer day. Do not ever doubt how important a role you play in our success.

And to my wife I want to say thank you. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, I love you with all my heart and I know with your support and my resiliency, anything is possible.

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  1. Deep. I could never forget my support system…you reminded me of some things i had to deal with..people that tried to tear me down and be “honest” with me by telling me my goals were hardly achievable and that I should just get my degree and make it work..I almost gave up on my dreams, and looking back now I am so glad I had people in my corner to push me because if I hadn’t, I would have listened and gave up the future that awaited me. Thanks for the reminder my brother.

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