Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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HI! my name is Jacque' (pronounced jock-way) and I am more than happy that you used your precious time to view this blog.

I am an energetic and positive individual that enjoys developing mobile applications and exploring the power of the human mind. I love to snowboard and enjoy reading books on just about any subject.

The main intent of this blog is to inform and help others who are seeking more out of life. That being said, you will rarely see any pictures in my posts. And while it is proven that the more pictures an article has, the more likely it will be read. I will not entertain readers through pictures, but aim to inspire them through good content and concise thoughts. If the information is on hand but a person will not read it because of lack of a picture, then that individual is not truly hungry for better. When you read these articles remember to think and use that marvelous mind of yours.

Through this blog I aim to help you (and myself) stay strong in following our dreams. Even when the world says "No," I pray that the content of this blog will be the push you need to ignore the world and achieve the abundant life that you so rightfully deserve. Be sure to download the mobile app version for quicker access.

Thank you once more for visiting my blog, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Jacque' Terrell