Enlightened One: What are your thoughts on being wealthy or rich?

Drifter: For one, the rich are greedy and selfish. I don’t care about all that I just want to be comfortable.

Enlightened One: Hmm… “Greedy and Selfish,” what do you mean?

Drifter: Everyone knows that money is the root of all evil, so the more money you have, the eviler you will eventually become. I don’t want to be a bad person, that’s why I don’t focus on or even like the word “rich.”

Enlightened One: Think back to when you first associated wealth with selfishness and evil, who was there to give you this perspective.

Drifter: I don’t know…My family and friends.

Enlightened One: And were any of your family or friends wealthy at the time?

Drifter: I guess not…

Enlightened One: Had they ever been wealthy?

Drifter: no…

Enlightened: So, what qualified them to shape your views on wealth? If they themselves never successfully mastered wealth, what kind of advice do you expect them to give you regarding wealth and finances? Look at their current situation, is that what you truly want for yourself?

Drifter: of course not, like I said before, I want to be comfortable.

Enlightened One: Do you also want to be successful?

Drifter: Of course!

Enlightened One: Then you must understand that success and “comfort” are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. The idea of truly being successful in your work or business involves you getting out of your comfort zone and taking calculated risks. If your primary goal is comfort, then you know that the degree of success that you achieve will be far less than what you are truly capable of.

Drifter: So how do I know which risks are the calculated ones and which ones are a waist of time?

Enlightened One: Focus on the goal that you have before you, write it down and make it clear to you in the simplest of words. Now anytime an “opportunity” shows itself to you, review that goal and ask yourself if the opportunity is going to get you one step closer to accomplishing your goal. If it does not, then you know that this is not for you. Remember, on your journey in life many people will try to convince you or tell you what you should do, but understand that not every opportunity that comes your way is for you and you must develop the patience and understanding to look at these situations and know which ones are in align with your goals and which ones are not. By doing this, you will be true to yourself and walk the path that was designed only for you.

Drifter: I will be honest with you, I am not sure what it is I am supposed to be doing. I always had the goal of being comfortable, I have a decent job but something is missing. I feel like I can do more, but I don’t know where to start.

Enlightened One: Start by examining yourself in great detail. What are somethings that you have felt passionately about, but let others talk you out of. And if you never really felt passionately towards anything, think of a skill that if you could do, would bring excitement and continuous growth to your life. Now it is important to recognize the difference between the word “skill” and the word “talent.” Talent you have naturally but a skill is developed after constantly working on your craft daily. In other words, no matter how little your skills are in a particular area, if you constantly work on building those skills, then you have no choice but to get better and better. Remember, success comes in doing the little things and that most people are so paralyzed by the journey ahead of them, they never take the first step. To help you on your journey remember this phrase, “Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch.” Keep this phrase close to you and the true vision of your heart will be revealed unto you. Take in the information I have provided to you and begin to mold your life in the shape that you want it to be, after some time we will continue our conversation when you are ready to go to the next level.


-Jacque’ Terrell

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  1. This says so much about the two types of people in this world. Great blog post sir!

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