That annoying conversation about winning the lottery…

We all have been around people who love to fantasize about winning the lottery and living the good life. These people constantly love to talk about how they would buy this, or invest in that, or how different things would be. Anyone who knows me personally knows that this lottery talk is one of my biggest pet peeves, why? because it feeds into  this insane idea most people have of getting something for nothing. This concept not only agitates me but saddens me because so many  go through life with this mentality, this is a sign of pure laziness and impatience. I once heard Earl Nightingale say “our rewards in life will be in direct proportion to our contribution or service.” This statement is so powerful because it sheds light on something that should be common sense, but that is so simple that it goes over most people’s head. If you want more money, then you have to give more service, if you want to receive less money, then give less service, and if you want your finances to remain as they are, then continue giving the same service. It is as simple as that.

If you think this idea of getting”something for nothing” does not exist in your life, allow me to shed some light. It is expected by just about everyone that the longer you work for a company the more you should get paid. Now the amount of time may vary from company to company but the employees all believe that after working there for a certain amount of time that they deserve to be paid more. This is an example of a something for nothing attitude. Don’t believe me? Well I will paint a clear picture so that all can understand.


“Most people are wanting to change their environment, but are unwilling to change themselves”

If you are working for me and I pay you $15 dollars an hour, does it make since for me to pay you more if the quality of work that you do is still worth $15 after a year or two? The mediocre  person believes so. They believe that they should get paid for time rather than the quality they bring. This is why so many people find themselves in companies where they are often overlooked and underpaid. These are the people that complain about management instead of changing themselves. I have seen this so many times. An average employee who does just enough to not get fired and when raises come around they receive little if any. You see the world that we live in does not reward mediocrity, it tolerates it, just like the mediocre individual who received no extra raises or bonuses at work but is merely tolerated for the average service that they continue to give year after year.

Earl also tells us that most people talk about how much money they want to make without realizing that the only people who “make” money, work for the mint. The rest of us must “earn” money. When I realized this, I put everything I did on an earn basis. From hanging out with friends to the amount of sleep I want to get. If I know that my friends want to hang out over the weekend then I set what I call “earn terms.” I come up with certain goals that must be accomplished before I earn time to spend with my friends, if I fall short, then my friends receive a detailed message telling them that I will not be able to join them because there is work that I must get done. This system keeps me from having mediocre performance in the office and pushes me to keep the promises I make to myself. I am the strictest on myself when it comes to watching TV or movies. A good amount of “earn credits” will have to have accumulated for me to sit down and watch a show on Netflix. I make no excuse!

Be honest with yourself. Do you allow yourself to take parts in activities that you know you don’t deserve? Do you allow yourself to go to sleep when you are tired or when you are finished? Do you suffer from the idea that you should get something for nothing, as most mediocre individuals do? If you answered yes to any of this you must began to make immediate changes so that you can realize the vision of your heart. Please remember that no man achieves great success without making personal sacrifices. Establish an earn system in your life where luxuries are bought with your “earn credits” and not simply because you “feel like it.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you success in both business and in life.






16 thoughts on “How to Earn Your Way to Success

  1. Very sensible considerations. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

  2. Thank you for your incredibly kind comment on my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me.
    As for the lottery, I don’t actually play but when I win I’m going to but new wooden spoons and start a food bank that actually carries things people need and use!

  3. Really amazing article …. very nice … Thanks for sharing this!! 🙂 🙂

    1. jacque

      Thank you for the positive comment!

  4. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I really appreciate that.

    And, thanks for the inspiring article as well. I fully agree to the fact, that we expect changes around us without changing ourselves and we even hesitate to admit it….

    1. jacque

      I appreciate you taking the time to read this post, why do you struggle so much with admitting this to themselves?

  5. Jacque thank you so much for passing by my blog and introducing me to yours! Regarding your article, must be the most inspiring I’ve read this week. I plaid guilty for going to sleep without finishing the job and I hope that will be hopefully changed in the immediate future! Can’t wait to learn more about your app.



    1. jacque

      Tatjana your words are heartfelt and encouraging. If you have the courage to admit your own short-comings to yourself, then your journey towards growth and success has already begun.

    2. Good point. I hadn’t thohugt about it quite that way. 🙂

  6. “…our rewards in life will be in direct proportion to our contribution or service.” Absolutely believe this! Thanks so much for the follow. I look forward to seeing you around the blogs. 🙂

  7. Incredible post, one that I can so relate to! Bless you, Jacque! I could go on and on about me, but yet I will not. Just know I have applied my talents and have gained both respect for myself and a knowing that my Dreams I shall attain, in fact, attaining. And yes I do go to bed when am tired. To prove it to you, I have a load of laundry piled on my bed ready to be folded. Nope. I’m putting it back in the basket to be folded tomorrow. I’m going to bed. (smiling) Much Love, <3

  8. Thank you for the inspiring read and thank you for the follow.

    1. jacque

      Your time is so valuable, and I appreciate you using some of that time on me, I am truly grateful

    2. AKAIK yovu’e got the answer in one!

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