Recognizing negativity when you see it…

Have you ever took the time to look around and realize just how negative people are?. I believe that since we experience negativity so often, it has become a part of our daily life. It is so rooted in the way we talk and carry ourselves that most people never truly realize just how negative we as a society are.

One day I was checking a book out from our local public library that I figured could help me in my goal to be fluent in speaking a second language. When the librarian saw the book, he went into great detail about how he had tried to read the book but could not finish. He also explained to me how it is impossible for him to learn from a book and that speaking English was just fine for him. After thanking the librarian for his time and help, a quote I had heard some time back came to mind. This quote by Confucius said that “he who says he can and he who says he cant’ are both usually right.” It was no wonder the man had difficulty reading the book and as soon as he told himself that he could not learn from reading books, he had cemented his fate.

What’s so bad about negativity?

In his broadcast The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale compared the mind to a fertile land that would return exactly what was sown in it, regardless of what was planted. So a mind filled with negativity would return a life of stress and frustration just as surely as a mind filled with positive thoughts would return a life of passion, confidence, and abundance.

Freeing your mind

If you struggle with negative thoughts and are constantly plagued by them, I have come up with a method that may help (i too will participate).

  • In the comments for this post, post whatever negative idea or feelings that are keeping you from being happy.
  • As you submit the post, believe that the negative idea is leaving your marvelous mind forever and that it no longer abides in you.
  • When the post is deleted shortly after your submitting, you will no longer be able to dwell on these negative thoughts. They will forever be removed from your mind and your attitude on life will greatly improve.
  • Remember this: your mind is marvelous beyond belief, and as you work to remove all self-imposed limitations you will find yourself having the abundant life that so many want, but so few achieve.

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