Most people never find their purpose because they are stuck in survival mode…

Many times in life, we have those moments where we feel out of harmony with ourselves. When you are out of harmony, you get confused about the next step, and when you do decide which steps to take (if you even decide at all) you still are not quite sure about your decision. I saw this behavior many times in college. Many people I met were not sure what major to focus on, so instead of finding their passion, they either go after a degree that makes financial sense to them, or they choose the path of least resistance. The problem with this approach is if you do find work you end up resenting going to work, and if you don’t find work, you fall into the category of college graduates who complain that “getting a degree does not guarantee that you will get a job.” So to find your true purpose and start down the path of growth and fulfillment, you have to get out of survival mode. When you are stuck in survival mode, you constantly focus on things like titles, appearance, and the scrounging for every cent you can get your hands on. Instead of going after experiences that allow you to grow in your craft and blossom as an individual, you go down the path where most go, and like most people you find yourself going through life in silent frustration.

This idea might  sound foreign to you, and you may ask “what’s wrong with being in survival mode?” To better answer your question please allow me to paint a picture for you. Let’s say that you have identified your passion and have put out job applications for work in this particular field. Two companies contact you. Company A offers you $70,000 US dollars a year while company B offers you $90,000 US dollars a year. Which company should you work for? Now if you are able to make a choice based on the criteria I have given you then you have a survival mode mentality. If you look at this situation from a different point of view you will realize that this is not enough information to make a decision. Questions like “which company is going to allow me to blossom and grow the most in my craft” and how will this help me grow as an individual” should come in to play.


When you finally break away from the survival mode mentality, the path becomes much clearer, your vision of success is more defined, and you feel much more confident over your decisions..

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