Your Success Lies in Your 24 Hours…

Have you ever taken the time to place yourself in a quiet room away from any distraction or influence, and be completely truthful to yourself? It is easy to talk big game when your friends or family are around, but when you are by yourself you are forced to face reality. In this quiet room ask yourself “what do I truly want out of life,” and after you have come up with your answer you can then ask “does my 24 hours reflect the person that I want to become?” You see, I believe that you can predict your own future simply by studying your 24 hours.

I once was having a conversation with a co-worker who was explaining to me all the things that he wanted to do in life, but he was upset because none of these goals seemed within his reach. So I asked him a simple question, “what do you do with your 24 hours?” Most people fail to realize that when it comes to your time, every second of your day is significant. Once you realize the true importance of your 24 hours, you will see that the time you need to work on your craft or to work on the person you want to become is all around you.

A cousin of mine was complaining to me that he did not have the time to read the books that I had recommended for him to read, these books were critical in him becoming the person that he truly wanted to be. After listening to him describe juggling working six days a week with spending time with his daughter and wife, I was convinced more than ever that he had all the time he needed. “How much time per day does your job give you for lunch,” I asked.  You see most people get at least a thirty minute break at their job, some like my cousin get a full hour. This is an extra three to six hours a week that could be used to work on your goals , or read books to open up your mind.

When I first arrived at my job my co-workers would make fun of me for bringing books into work. The manager would jokingly say “I don’t know why you keep bringing books, you don’t have much time to read anything.” But like many people he did not value every second of every day. I received one thirty minute break and two fifteens. When the time for these breaks came, I would walk speedily to the break room retrieve my book, and have a combined hour of reading per work day. I became so focused on time management, that I had every minute of my day planned out. The twenty-five minute drive to work was spent listening to great speakers and motivators, out of my eight hours of working night shift, the first five hours was spent listening to myself talking about programming principles, the next hour was spent listening to music as a reward, and the last two hours were spent listening to motivational videos. By making this a daily habit I was not only keeping myself motivated and focused, but was also inspiring my co-workers to really focus on their 24 hours also.

So I ask you, “What do you truly want out of life, and does your 24 hours reflect the person you want to become?” You really can predict where will be next year by studying these 24 hours. If I were to look at my own 24 hours some time back, I would see forty hours of working for a dead end job, hours of playing video games, and the rest of the time spent in class at the University. This meant that in a year I would be an average employee, an average video game player, and an average student. None of these had anything to do with being the exceptional programmer that I had set out to be.

At some point you have to realize that your time is valuable, once you realize this you will have the courage to demand out of life what you truly deserve.

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  1. Chase

    Great message! I’m going to start tonight. I will sit alone with no distractions and plan my 24 hrs.

  2. Dominic Davidson

    This really inspired me. Show’s me really how time wait’s on not one person. Im m going to send this website to a few of my friends so they can retrieve the knowledge.

    1. Is that really all there is to it because that’d be fletgarbasbing.

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