Seeing Opportunity Where Others See Risk…

Have you ever had a certain passion about something you wanted to do and you just had to tell someone about it? It could be going to college for a certain degree or wanting to do something you meant to do in the past, but you have this burning desire to tell people. So in all your excitement, you pour your heart out, telling them how excited you are to get started and how motivated you are, you also tell them of the rewards that will come as you slowly but surely work on this dream of yours. But do you know what happens next? Not only does the person you are talking to not support the dream, but they are negative and condescending towards your idea. They tell you things like”well what are you going to do if it does not work,” or “what is your plan B?” You see these people are never successful because it makes sense to them to prepare more for failure than success, this is insane!

I remember once hearing Will Smith say that “you have to be willing to die for the truth,” he also went on to say “there is no point in having a plan B because it distracts from plan A.” Sounds crazy right? For years I thought so too until one day I realized the true power behind those words. Most people never find out what their true purpose here on Earth is, so when you do find out, you have to want that thing so bad that you will die before you give up. You also have to understand from that point on the journey will not be easy. Friends and family will doubt you and criticize you, and rarely will you find anyone truly supportive of your vision. But remember that this is your dream, not theirs! You are powerful and creative and have awakened your inner genius which has been dormant for so long. It is to be expected that hardly anyone will see your vision, their minds are anchored by mediocrity while yours has the freedom to soar. This reminds me of a poem I read once.

The doubters said, “man cannot fly,” The doers said, “maybe but we’ll try,” and finally soared in the morning glow, while non-believers watched from below (Bruce Lee).

A friend of mine was telling me how he wanted to go into game development but that he was not able to put as much time into his dream because of the other side projects he had going on. My advice to him? Get rid of those side projects, if your are going to try go all the way or don’t try at all! Its just that simple. It can be scary only working on a plan A instead of having a plan B or C but look at it like this, when you put all of your time and attention into your personal legend you will eventually accomplish it. This is because of how amazing the human mind truly is. You see your mind will fall into the state of “its all or nothing,” this mind set will cause you to come up with ideas that others could not see, to take action when others were too afraid, you will  also be able to see a path where others were too  distracted to notice. When plan A is all you have, you have no choice but to use your marvelous mind in the most wondrous ways as to accomplish that dream. Never underestimate just how marvelous your mind truly is.

What is ironic to me is the fact that the dreamers of our society are the ones who are mocked and dragged through the mud. Our ideas are seen as crazy, our methods appear to be irrational, and our behavior and attitude is categorized as uncommon and strange. This is why we succeed where so many fail. We are not tied down to the opinions of others and are driven by a passion that burns so strong, we find ourselves up late at night working passionately on our destinies. This passion is such a strong emotion. It is a feeling of love, assurance, tenacity, hope and most important of all, peace. Remember, to have great rewards in life you must make great sacrifices. But if you do, you will not only accomplish your true purpose, you will have something that most people will never have, you will have peace.

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