Your worst enemy…

Have you ever heard someone say “you are your worst enemy?” I’m sure you have, but what does this statement really  mean? Does it mean that limitations exist only if you acknowledge them, or maybe it means that the person you are really in competition with is yourself. You see, while I do believe that both of these statements are true, they do not fully explain the concept and power of this quote that we hear so often. To help, I will paint a picture in your mind that will not only show the true meaning of this quote (as it applies to me), but also open your eyes on how it specifically applies to you.

The Many Versions of You

Imagine that there exists right now a multiverse. Seeing that a multiverse is basically a network of many universes, imagine that on each one of these universes there exists a different version of you. Now each one of these versions have their similarities but for the most part they are different, especially when it comes to the aspirations of each one. In one universe, you are a police officer, and in another you are an accountant. The you on universe ten works sixty hours a week in the local warehouse, while the you on universe 20 is an aspiring freshman in college with a dream of starting his own sneaker company. Imagine that the total number of universes in this multiverse is twenty-five, so there exists right now twenty-five versions of you. Now that I have your full imagination I have but one question. Out of all of these versions of you that you have imagined, would you consider yourself the best version?

Your imagining a multiverse is important because it makes you think outside the box. I could easily say “Imagine if you were a police officer,” and you would simply think “well I would never do that so this does not apply to me.” But if you were to imagine a multiverse where there are many versions of you, you have to agree that there is a chance that one of these versions of you could be an officer. You see I believe that when you here the quote “you are your worst enemy,” that it is these many different versions of you that you are really in competition with, not your co-workers or friends.

Being the Best Version of You

Some time ago I was telling my wife how happy I was that she was in my life and that without her presence, I probably would be stuck behind a cubicle dreading every work day of my life. She responded by assuring me that at least I would have security, and that I would probably be contempt with the everyday commute and cubicle because I would not know any better. My goal while I am here on Earth is not focused on having security, but on being the best version of me I can be. You have to tell yourself this at least once a day because right now there is a part of you that is saying”you are not smart enough,” or “give up before you get in over your head.” These are the other versions of you talking, it is not you.

A good amount of emotion and tenacity goes through my body when I think about the other versions of me trying to be the best version of Jacque’. The thought of the other versions telling me I am no good or trying to slow me down so that they can take the lead gives me motivation on a level higher than any I have ever felt. You see on my worst day they still can not beat me. This realization gives me so much energy that I find myself up late at night working diligently on my destiny. Allow me to pass this energy along to you.

So I ask you again, at your current state right now, would you consider yourself the best version of you? If you are not, after today you will be. Why? Because you know who the true enemy is, you now understand that the true competition is not your friend, neighbor, or co-worker, it is the other versions of you that are trying to hide your greatness from the world. From this point on, do not be concerned with what the rest of the world is doing, they are not your competition, you are. And as you work every day to be the best version of you, that abundant life that you so rightfully deserve will begin to show itself to you and ideas of mediocrity and complacency will be things of the past.

6 thoughts on “The enemy within

  1. Erendira

    Thank you for giving me insight. I must admit it is hard to know the truth that i am not using my 24 hours wisely but this is going to be the first step on changing.

  2. Chase

    This was very insightful. I need to strive to be the best version of me possible! I see that time management is the key!

  3. I always say that I am my worst critic! I am so hard on myself, especially on my writing, and I pride myself on uplifting others. I never want to make someone feel badly about the message in my writing, but I do want to make people think outside of the box and challenge themselves to be the best version of themselves, that they can be. I try to live that way myself.
    Great post!

    1. jacque

      I rejoice when I meet people that have the ability of uplifting others and not trying to tear them down. The world needs these types of people and I believe that they are rewarded for the good energy they put out into the world. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to share your thoughts with us 🙂

      1. If your arltcies are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

    2. It’s about time somnoee wrote about this.

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