Dare to Dream…

Have you ever noticed that gyms and personal fitness classes get the bulk of their business at the beginning of the year, but as the year goes on the tenacity of the individual goes from doing whatever they have to do to get to the gym to, barely ever showing up? Every year this is a reoccurring phenomena. Many people going all out with their new years resolutions, and declaring to the world that “this year will be different,” yet by mid year their declarations have faded away leaving  behind an empty promise that will again be revitalized at the beginning of the year, only to be forgotten a couple of months in. Why do you think that is? I believe this happens because many people don’t truly realize the chain of events that happen when you make promises to yourself.

When you promise yourself that you will workout and be consistent life begins to test you. Seeing that there are some pretty cool rewards that come from having a healthy and fit body, life is not going to just hand them over, you have to earn them. I heard Eric Thomas say once that “most of you say you want success, but you only kind of want it.” This is why it is so important to not drift aimlessly through life, but to truly know and understand what you want. Be not deceived, life is no fool  and as soon as you say you want to achieve something or do something you have never done before, it will test you at every turn. This is not only to see just how committed you are, but to ensure that you justly earn the rewards that will come only when one is persistent and set on accomplishing the goal.

When you start to focus on being aware of your thoughts and environment, you will begin to understand when life is testing you. One example of this test that I think most fail to realize is that of new information. After reading my article on recognizing negativity you may find that it seems as if people are going out of their way to be negative around you. This is life testing you to see if you are ready to improve your circumstance. Either you will pass the test by recognizing the other person’s negativity and not letting it affect you, or you will fail the test, and find yourself joining in with there negativity. Everyone has heard that misery loves company. This may not seem important, but you must understand that to move forwards in life and get closer to making your dream a reality, you must not only recognize the tests life throws your way, but you must pass them. It is by passing these tests of character and awareness that life will yield to you the success and peace of mind you rightfully deserve.

The Tests of Tranquility

One day I was going over James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh” with a co-worker, particularly the section focusing on tranquility and how a tranquil mind will be free of narrow insignificant pettiness and worry. The next day, after greeting this co-worker, I could tell that something was bothering him. The gist of the story was that our manager had asked him to do some time consuming work fifteen minutes before his shift was supposed to end and he felt like that was disrespectful. After he was finished letting off some steam I made an accurate prediction,  “I bet when you came in today you promised yourself that you would no longer talk to the manager anymore, and that you would come to work, do your job and leave.” To which he replied “exactly!” You see, he had immediately forgotten the conversation we had the day before regarding tranquility and was failing the test that life was throwing his way to see if he had paid attention. Realizing his error I advised him to cease being bitter with our manager and instead recommended he approach the manager first thing, shake his hand and ask how his day was. After carrying out these suggestions something amazing happened. Because he was feeling so positive about being tranquil with the manager instead of giving him a piece of his mind, he put a post on Facebook giving out motivation to others. One of the people that commented told him that they were the recruiter  for an information technology company, and that if he needed  work to contact him asap.

This is a great example of what opportunities await you on the other side of life’s tests. I believe that life is one test after another and that if you pass these tests the opportunities for growth and happiness will eventually present themselves to you, but you must be in harmony with your inner thoughts so that you can recognize the opportunities and take full advantage of them.

Be aware that when you set out on accomplishing a goal or you declare that you are going to do something, life will begin to test your level of dedication. Either you will pass the tests and move closer to accomplishing that goal, or you will find yourself constantly going through a loop of mediocrity, wondering why you cannot get ahead in life. You also must understand that this is no easy task. How easy is it to forget about tranquility and let that driver who cut you off in traffic upset you? How hard is it to not join in when your co-workers start talking about how much they hate going to work or how they don’t like some employee. How easy is it to be envious of your neighbor or friend when they have blessings coming into their life and it seems like yours is cursed. You must remember that as soon as you set off to accomplish a goal or dream, that life will test you to see if you are worthy of achieving that dream. If you are patient and focus on controlling your emotions, you will find that life does not happen to you, but that it happens for you. Your thoughts will control your circumstance and as your thoughts improve and harmonize with action and a definiteness of purpose, your environment will also begin to change for the better.


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